Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bruno Spotted!! @nadiasaphira

Looky who we found carrying a Bruno at an intimated party this weekend! Thanks for your support, Nadia, you look fantastic, if we do say so ourselves :).  Hope you have a great summer holiday & all the success with your studies in London!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mini Wall Street!

Even after a few years, our Wall Street bags are still flying off the shelves & in a season where everyone's doing a mini version of everything, we can't help but create one as well! It's small, it's practical, and you can wear 'em day-in-day-out as it still fits most gadgets & a considerable sized wallet. Available in 2 colors this coming June.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sneak Preview! "Garden State" Ipad Case

It's irrefutable these days that Apple is taking over the world, or at least, our electronic gadget world. The glory days of Blackberry are nearing to an end, and other brands are simply coming up short especially on the (visually) cool factor of owning and iPhone-and/or-Pad. We at the Screaming Cheap HQ admit to owning one and/or the other so what else is there to do for us but create our version of a fun iPad case! Available in a myriad of colorful prints to choose from later this June. Here's a teaser pic for you to check out :)

Centre Stage Limited Edition

We're feeling the stripey trend this season. We've done multicolored stripes for Wall Street 2 and we're doing it big & bold for Center Stage. Better hurry for this one though. Extremely limited stuff! As always, available here & at The Goods Dept. (Price: Rp 375,000)

Bruno 2.0

Because it's a year of improvement in our Screaming Cheap HQ, we've decided to redesign another old favourite, the Bruno & give it a bit of a twist. We're proudly stamping our logo on the front & the straps get a new look with a slight out-turned curve down the bottom sides. Also available at The Goods Dept & of course, if you order it here. (Price: Rp 275,000)


We've been absent for a while in the blogsphere but we're back with a vengeance! Expect new snapshots & updates of our latest collection every week. Here's to the new & improved Screaming Cheap... and the first preview of the reconstructed Wall Street 2 (available now on The Goods Dept; Price: Rp 395,000)